HackerU/TurnToTech proudly announced that Roman Zaikin has joined their team of cyber security experts and advisors

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Recently, Zaikin and his colleagues discovered a vulnerability in What’sApp Web and Telegram Web that would allow hackers to take over users’ accounts and access all personal chats, contact lists, photos and videos. Hackers could download photos and post them online, and demand ransom in exchange for giving back a person’s account. Zaikin’s work helped prevent these potentially devastating cyber attacks. Roman Zaikin is a pioneer in the cutting edge field of cyber security. HackerU and TurnToTech is pleased to have him join their ranks.

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Cyber Security Is The Job of The Future: 4 Reasons Why

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“The demand for the cyber security workforce is expected to rise to 6 million globally by 2019” and “the growing (cyber security) market is expected to grow from $75 billion (from 2015) to $170 billion (by 2020)” There are a lot of reasons to pursue a career in a new field, but there are also challenges that should be considered to make the change run smoothly. One of the main hurdles people face is acquiring new skills for the particular job. Yet, with some preparation and planning, a person making …

6 Simple Ways To Successfully Switch Careers

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Changing careers isn’t easy. After all, your job is not just a little thing; it is a major part of your life. Yet, as you grow older, something happens within you. One day you wake up and suddenly the job that you have been doing all these years is no longer interesting or even acceptable. Like a restless newbie, you start asking yourself existential questions: “Why am I doing all of this? What is my purpose here? Is this really all there is?” There can be many factors to this …

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 Success stories from our grads Paola Mata, iOS Developer, BuzzFeed "The iOS Bootcamp at TurnToTech is a thorough and challenging introduction to the fundamentals of iOS programming. Unlike other bootcamp courses, this one is entirely project-based. You’re building apps from Week 1 that increase in complexity over time, but they are broken down in a way that makes concepts easier to grasp. You will be amazed by how much progress you make in just 6 weeks.” Erica Correa, XO Group "TurnToTech has frequent computer science lectures, and every other Friday ...
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Personalized Learning in a Bootcamp Structure: Learn to Code at TurnToTech.

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 What makes TurnToTech different from other coding schools? Just take a look at our new and improved tagline:  Personalized Learning in a Bootcamp Structure. Learn to code at TurnToTech. TurnToTech is learner-focused: Full-time students work at their own speed and move on to the next assignment when they and their instructor agree to advance. This grants students the opportunities to fully understand and apply core concepts, complete hands-on assignments, and fully develop programming skills with confidence. We at TurnToTech provide consistency, structure, and an individualized learning process for each student ...

Offering financial solutions so you can take an iOS or Android course!

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If you want to take one of our full-time courses at TurnToTech but money is an issue that’s holding you back… Skills Fund is here to help! Skills Fund is a lending company that has partnered with TurnToTech to help students pay for tuition and cost of living while taking the course. Skills Fund is a company dedicated to lending only to bootcamp students They believe that students will benefit from having access to high-quality skills education and have developed options for financing solutions. According to their mission, they “pull upon extensive expertise to create …