Learn to Code at TurnToTech

Personalized Learning in a Bootcamp Structure: Learn to Code at TurnToTech.

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 What makes TurnToTech different from other coding schools?
Just take a look at our new and improved tagline:

 Personalized Learning in a Bootcamp Structure.
Learn to code at TurnToTech.

TurnToTech is learner-focused:
Full-time students work at their own speed and move on to the next assignment when they and their instructor agree to advance. This grants students the opportunities to fully understand and apply core concepts, complete hands-on assignments, and fully develop programming skills with confidence. We at TurnToTech provide consistency, structure, and an individualized learning process for each student during their educational investment at our bootcamp.

TurnToTech has researched and developed a project-based curriculum:
Students tackle challenges with the structure of a bootcamp and the flexibility of individualized pacing. Students who want to dig deeper into a project can ask questions and explore a topic before moving forward. The same student may move quickly with one project and slow down for another. Attention to individualized learning is one of our main priorities.
Our method is focused on the student:
Instructors pay close attention each student during every stage of the process at the stage they are in.
If you think you would be a good fit for a personalized coding bootcamp that allows you to delve into each topic that is tailored to your level and goals, consider a visit and assessment with us anytime!