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 Success stories from our grads

Paola Mata, iOS Developer, BuzzFeed
“The iOS Bootcamp at TurnToTech is a thorough and challenging introduction to the fundamentals of iOS programming. Unlike other bootcamp courses, this one is entirely project-based. You’re building apps from Week 1 that increase in complexity over time, but they are broken down in a way that makes concepts easier to grasp. You will be amazed by how much progress you make in just 6 weeks.”

Erica Correa, XO Group
“TurnToTech has frequent computer science lectures, and every other Friday they have hackathons and computer science challenges. Those are really helpful. I usually just sit down on my computer, and I code, and I code, and I code until I get stuck. Then someone comes and helps. Those are really fun because it pushes you to be creative on the spot. I’ve actually won every single one so far.”
Adam Kornfield, Co-founder, Baron Fig
“I was one of their first full-time Swift students, and they were very interested in working with me. I liked their attitude, their style, and their message that they were excited to see students learn and grow. The biggest difference I’ve seen between their curriculum and other coding bootcamps I’ve heard about, is its self-directed nature…TurnToTech teaches you the building blocks of almost every app you’ll make. I think TurnToTech does a great job of teaching you the fundamentals and then you can teach yourself.”