TurnToTech is the first mobile-focused software development bootcamp in NYC. We have a groundbreaking project-based approach that simulates a rigorous professional developer experience. After students finish our curriculum, they have the opportunity to work as interns on REAL products in our incubator.

Getting into one of TurnToTech’s immersive programs takes a bit of prep-work. We understand that trying to learn to code on your own can be hard in the beginning, so during the prep work phase, we don’t want you to get stuck and feel isolated – that’s probably the kind of stuff that led you to think of joining a bootcamp in the first place, right?
That’s why we do things a little differently here. Instead of sitting alone at home and calling it an “online campus”, you’ll actually come in to our school and get all the guidance you need at no cost. We build the ‘prepwork’ phase right into our program. You don’t need to sit at home struggling through the fundamentals. You spend those 2 weeks of recommended prep-work time (80 hours) on campus alongside other students and you do not need to pay anything for that. If after the 2 weeks, you reach the appropriate level, you join TurnToTech.

Most students come to us with one of two goals: either they want to get a job that pays well or they are entrepreneurs and want to build their own products. In either case, we believe mobile development is the way to go. First, there is a significant shortage of mobile developers in the world today. Because mobile technology is changing so fast, there are never enough experienced mobile developers in the market. Second, because of the growing use of smartphones, and their unprecendented level of reach, the opportunities in this space are endless. Check out this cool and informative video from one of the leading Silicon Valley VC firms:

Yes! In our program you will learn about many CS concepts. We’ll cover analysis of algorithms, linked lists, sets, stacks, queues, sorting, searching, and more. Understanding these concepts will make you a stronger developer, improve your ability to ace a technical interview, and prepare you for some of the more advanced challenges you will encounter on the job.
The program lasts 16 weeks. 10 weeks of immersive study with our project-based curriculum, and 6 weeks of internship with a mentor in one of our partner companies.
Make sure you find technology really interesting. Beyond that, a little exposure to JavaScript or any high school or college programming course is helpful. We do not assume any prior knowledge of programming –  we start from the very basics. If you are attentive to detail, and you’re disciplined, you will be in a good position to complete the program. In case you have never programmed before you should try to complete the JavaScript module on codecademy.com to see if programming is for you. Before you’re admitted, we’ll give you an in-person assessment which is set up as an informal discussion. We’ll take into account a variety of parameters, such as why you want to learn app development, your motivation level, aptitude, educational background, work experience, courses taken in school, and general awareness of the mobile world and apps.
Once you apply and have been admitted, you can usually start right away.

We believe that working on real products is the only way to gain the practical skills necessary to land and keep a software programming job. That is why we provide each of our students with an in-house internship with one of our partner companies. These companies own real apps, some of which are presently on the App Store, and our students get the chance to work on these for six weeks (versus being relegated to doing the administrative work that many traditional internships provide).

The internship program is overseen by software developers, each of whom typically has 10+ years of experience in software development and a deep interest in technology. Our co-founder Aditya Narayan is also involved in the program and provides one-to-one guidance to our students throughout the entire process. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Aditya is a well-regarded technology expert and has held very senior technology positions at well-known companies.

We pioneered this approach in 2013 and we are the only program in NYC that offers this unique experience.

Your skills will be in high demand, and you’re future will be bright, but like most things in life, your prospective employment in the mobile development world depends on how hard you work. If you consistently apply yourself throughout the 16 week program and during your job search, then your chances look really good. You will also need to be well-prepared for your interviews. The good news is that we will be with you every step of the way. We don’t just teach you to code and build apps, we also work with you on your resume, help you prepare for interviews, and connect you with job opportunities. We maintain relationships with a vast network of companies in the software development world as well as with our alumni base, which provides our students a variety of potential employment opportunities.

We are located in lower Manhattan, the heart of the NYC tech scene. You’ll find us at the corner of Rector Street and West Street. More precisely — 40 Rector St, Suite 1010. We can be reached by the 1, R, W, J, Z, 4, 5, 6 Subways, several bus lines, NJ Path and CitiBike.

We work regular office hours (i.e. regular tech company hours!) – We open at 10:00 am and finish when the day’s work is done.

Contact us and we’ll try to figure something out that works for you.
If you own a laptop and you’d like to use it during the program, feel free to do so! Using your own computer will provide the added benefits of being able to continue your work when you leave school at the end of the day. However, if you do not own a laptop or would rather not use your own computer, you can use one of our Macs.
Our goal is to teach you to understand software engineering as a whole, not just specific languages, which is something you might see a lot of other programs do. We believe you need to know how software is developed, not just how programs are written. And that ties in to our philosophy – unless you work on a real project, you will not acquire the skills that you will need for building real products.

Specifically, our program will address the full software development lifecycle and how systems are designed. You will understand software security. You will understand system performance. You will understand infrastructure. You will understand data modeling. All of this will be taught to you in addition to teaching you how to write code. In other words – you will learn what is needed to do a real software engineer’s job.

Just contact us and we will set up a time for you to come in to our office and discuss things in detail.
Contact us. We’ll set up a visit for you so we can work out the schedule, course details, curriculum, internship details etc. and get you started. If you need any prep work before the course, we’ll advise you on that as well.
As a student, you will have tons of 1 on 1 interaction with our experienced industry professional mentors.
Demand for mobile developers is on the rise. What track you choose is up to you. If you need advice, we’ll be glad to help you out! Contact us to get some advice from the team.
We have plans to launch a full-fledged online bootcamp.
We are conveniently located on 40 Rector Street, minutes from Path Trains and Penn Station. We are connected to all major subway lines. Click here for Directions.
Our recommended time commitment is 80hrs/wk. In 16 weeks, that’s over 1200 hours. In contrast, a normal college course expects you to put in about 100 hours. This is not a magic bullet. We are condensing the work into a smaller period, but you’ll still be putting in some serious time.