HackerU/TurnToTech proudly announced that Roman Zaikin has joined their team of cyber security experts and advisors

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On October 26, 2017, the researchers for Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., announced that they had discovered a vulnerability in LG SmartThinQ technology that allowed potential hackers to gain remote access to the devices. Indeed, Roman Zaikin and colleagues demonstrated how this could be done by taking control of a LG Hom Bot vacuum, which has a camera that allowed them to spy on unsuspecting residents. Further, Zaikin and colleagues were able to operate other LG smart devices in the home, including their refrigerator, microwave, and air conditioners.

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Last year Roman Zaikin discovered a vulnerability in eBay that would allow hackers to use it as a malware and phishing platform.

Recently, Zaikin and his colleagues discovered a vulnerability in What’sApp Web and Telegram Web that would allow hackers to take over users’ accounts and access all personal chats, contact lists, photos and videos. Hackers could download photos and post them online, and demand ransom in exchange for giving back a person’s account.

Zaikin’s work helped prevent these potentially devastating cyber attacks.

Roman Zaikin is a pioneer in the cutting edge field of cyber security. HackerU and TurnToTech is pleased to have him join their ranks.