Aditya Narayan at TurnToTech presenting the new features of iOS10 and doing a live demo on all it's new features

iOS 10 MeetUp Recap

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Last night’s developer-centric MeetUp on updates in iOS10 was an intimate gathering of programmers, coders and software engineers, nonetheless it was an evening full of energy and excitement around the cool new features this iteration of iOS presents. The discussion was led by TurnToTech’s very own co-founder, Aditya Narayan, an avid coder and developer himself. Having attended Apple’s WWDC last month in SF, he decided to share his firsthand experience of the innovations that iOS 10 will usher in. As it turned out there were a few people at the …

Q&A with Paola Maldonado iOS Developer at BuzzFeed

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Q&A with Paola Maldonado, iOS Developer at BuzzFeed 1.    Looks like you’ve got a really fun job – building the iOS apps for BuzzFeed, a top end company with top end investors. How’s the journey been so far? Yes! I could not imagine a more exciting company to be working with right now than BuzzFeed. The journey to here has meant a lot of hard work, but I’ve worked on some really fun applications with some great people, so which has certainly made the journey more enjoyable. 2.     What was your major in …