Aditya Narayan at TurnToTech presenting the new features of iOS10 and doing a live demo on all it's new features

iOS 10 MeetUp Recap

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Last night’s developer-centric MeetUp on updates in iOS10 was an intimate gathering of programmers, coders and software engineers, nonetheless it was an evening full of energy and excitement around the cool new features this iteration of iOS presents.

The discussion was led by TurnToTech’s very own co-founder, Aditya Narayan, an avid coder and developer himself. Having attended Apple’s WWDC last month in SF, he decided to share his firsthand experience of the innovations that iOS 10 will usher in. As it turned out there were a few people at the Meetup who were also at WWDC 2016.

Aditya Narayan presenting the new features of iOS10 at TurnToTech

Aditya Narayan presenting the new features of iOS10 at TurnToTech

Some of the main features discussed included SiriKit, CallKit, and iMessages as well as updates to essential APIs like Core Data, AVFoundation and UIKit along with updates to Swift and Xcode.

How cool is it that there’s an iMessage app store? Or that you can now get Siri to launch your app? Or that users can now see incoming calls on their lock screens instead of a notification thanks to VoIP integration?

We learned that our apps can now extend to Messages, Siri, Phone, and Maps to provide more engaging functionality like never before.

  • Core Data
  • Enhanced searching inside your app from Spotlight
  • Improved interface for C APIs in Swift
  • Include media in your notifications
  • UICollectionView pre-fetching and refresh

After 10 pizzas, 4 six-packs of beer and a lot of collective wisdom, everyone walked out learning something new!

As New York City’s only mobile-focused coding school, TurnToTech not only seeks to bring coders and developers from all walks of life together for similar networking events, but we also strive to become a force within the coding world by training some of the best and brightest iOS and Android developers in New York CIty.

We find that sometimes the best way to learn is to put a bunch of passionate developers in a room and just listen.


What’s new in iOS 10 for developers? from TurnToTech

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Meetup!