TurnToTech alumnus launches a new app!

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Congratulations to TurnToTech alumnus, Daniel Nomura for the recent launch of his app on the iTunes store.
It’s called SwoopParking and is designed for users to see when and where street cleaning is happening so that you can “swoop” a parking spot. We sat down with him to get the scoop on the Swoop!

Who is this app for?

My app is for anyone looking for parking in NYC. Swoop! displays a map that shows where street cleaning is going to finish at a given time, so that hopefully you can find parking there at that time.

5Why did you decide to build this app?
I myself felt unfortunate enough to have a car here and I have found myself waiting to park where street cleaning is about to finish up. It inspired me to build this app mostly for myself, but I hope that it can help others find parking by knowing exactly where and when to find open spots– or when I need to move during alternate side parking!

How did your education at TurnToTech enable you to build this app?
Swoop! is a map-based app, so I gained a solid understanding of the Google Maps SDK from the Maps project in the TurnToTech curriculum.
We here at TurnToTech applaud Daniel and are proud to know that he is one of our grads producing great work that so many users out there will find useful and valuable. Keep up the great work, Daniel! Be sure to check it out in the iTunes store here!