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Congrats to our students Alique, Bobby, Emiko and Juliana for winning TurnToTech’s hackathon last week! Their mobile app was called QuizMaster, a one person Jeopardy game that quizzes users Jeopardy-style.

Julianna did UI and design for questions page and debugging. Bobby made game design decisions and coding the game engine. He also did some debugging. Alique made game design decisions, got the song, and formatted the data to what the game requirements were. He too did some debugging. Emi added the Jeopardy theme music to the opening page, thought music to the question page, added audio, the on/off button, the 20 second timer, general debugging and the opening UI design.

TurnToTech: What is the primary function of the app and who is it for?
Emi: We created a game that uses the Jeopardy API. It is for adults mainly and anyone who knows the Jeopardy game.

TurnToTech: Can you tell us a little more about how the game works?
Bobby: Our game will randomly select a category from jService. Due to the time constraint of the hackathon plus the various issues of dealing with a typed response, we went with a multiple choice system.

  • The app will randomly select four questions from the category.
  • The first question is displayed to the user and the corresponding answer is randomly loaded into 1 of 4 buttons.
  • The answers from the other questions are loaded into the remaining buttons.
  • The user must select the correct button within 20 seconds.
  • Failure to answer correctly or within the allotted time will cause the user to lose a “life.” (The user has three “lifes” per game).
  • Questions answered correctly will have the dollar value associated with that question on the TV show added to their score.
    When the game ends, the high score is saved. 

TurnToTech: What do you think was the strongest feature of this app?
Juliana: The ability to generate random answer choices from the same category was a great feature because all the answers sounded plausible.

TurnToTech: Great job and again, congratulations. We look forward to seeing more creative projects such as this from our bi-weekly hackathons here at TurnToTech. Until then, happy coding!