Meetup Recap: Protecting your digital privacy rights

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Civic-tech project Voices and the grassroots Electronic Frontier Alliance led a Meetup at TurnToTech on Nov. 9th on a topic that almost anyone these days can identify with: your digital privacy rights!

The three speakers, Abi Hassen, Nathan Sheard and John Bogil are active leaders in the community who support social justice causes and movements for political rights. They started the event with a lively discussion on how our online presence and digital footprints are matters to pay close attention to, and presented some resources and tools available to ensure our privacy and online presence remain secure.


Abi and Nathan led a demo on how to install and use the Signal mobile app, (an app designed with an advanced end to end encryption protocol that provides privacy for all messages sent out). The group was able to try it out for themselves and share their thoughts and reactions with each other.


John Bogil spoke about the current state of privacy rights in NYC and how the average person can influence policy making.
He is co-founder of Voices, an app designed to partner with advocacy groups in NYC to make them more influential in the policy process.
He completed the full-time iOS app development bootcamp at TurnToTech and remains active in the TurnToTech community. He also worked for a lobby firm that represented tech companies on Capitol Hill and has also worked with community organizers and activists.


TurnToTech is grateful to Abi, Nathan and John for organizing this Meetup here at our space and we continue to support events, ideas and innovations that bring meaningful impact for communities through education and technology.

The world is a better, safer and more interesting place thanks to all your great work! This Meetup was yet another fun and inspiring event at TurnToTech.

Look for more of our events on our Calendar and we’ll see you next time!


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