Latest Meetup: Intro to iOS Development, Part of our DIY Series; Build an iOS App in 3 Hours

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If you ask the Magic 8 ball “Can I Build an App in 3 hours?”
It will definitely answer with “It is certain.”

This past Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, TurnToTech hosted a Meetup event where attendees had the chance to build a fully-functional mobile Magic 8 Ball app. Patrick Sanders, one of our instructors here at TurnToTech and an iOS expert, led the 3-hour session of approximately 20 attendees. People who participated came from all different backgrounds, which made for a very interesting and fun crowd. First, they looked at the process of app development and then dove in for a crash course on mobile app building.

The Magic 8 Ball app is similar to the toy you grew up with. You ask a question, shake your phone, and the answer appears on the screen. By the end of the night, attendees had a fully-functional app that could run on their phone.


Overall, this was an engaging event that not only taught attendees how to quickly build an app, but allowed them to do it themselves. We here at TurnToTech love to host these kinds of Meetups because it demonstrates what we do in a very hands-on way. Events such as these also give like-minded people in the industry opportunities to connect with and learn from each other. Keep a look- out for our upcoming Diversity in Tech Job Fair on March 1st where representatives from leading software companies in the NYC area will be looking to recruit people for their tech needs!