Lisa Student Apps, Utility

toPic! is a simple way to share and view photos as well as a fun way to compete to see who has the top pic. toPic! displays photos in a fun card deck, instead of the traditional scroll display that most apps use. Swipe right to like and swipe left to dislike! Author: Conor Sweeney View More by This Developer Program: iOS Full-Time  Published on: Apple App Store


Lisa Student Apps, Utility

This app simply allows you to find departures from any LIRR station to another. In addition, by clicking on a Trip (departure + arrival) you can get a live countdown until the train leaves the station. This functionality is available inside the Today App Extension as well only, at the moment, selecting your departure or arrival stations must be done in the main app. Program: iOS Full-Time  Published on: Apple App Store

Particle Player

Lisa Game, Student Apps

Particle Play is an interactive music creation app that uses “particles” to produce rhythmic cadences and harmonies. You can add effects to each drum sound individually and create a wide variety of sequences. Program: iOS Full-Time  Published on: Apple App Store

Doodle Mouse

Lisa Game, Student Apps

The mice are everywhere! It’s now up to YOU to have lots of fun and stop them! There’s a lot of mice out there and they want your cheese. Delicious cheese that fell on the floor. As the cat of the house, your job is to take control and get those mice! There’s plenty of rodents for your cat paws to smash, but don’t hit those extremely cute kittens…. otherwise it’s game over… FUN SMASH FUN FUN SMASH   App: Doodle Mouse Chase – A Crazy Fun Smasher Game Program: …

Thrill Runners

Lisa Game, Student Apps

Take control of the Thrill Runners and embark on an adventure of thrilling proportions! Sprint across beautiful landscapes dodging dangerous blocks of doom in this fast-paced action game. Free yourself from boredom by jumping and sliding your way to an awesome, thrilling adventure. See how much speed you can handle as you race into the night! Hurry and get it now while it is FREE Author: Andranik Karapetyan of Mighty Blue Tree LLC Program: iOS Full-Time  Published on: Apple App Store  

Voices app

Voices Political Advocacy App

Lisa Student Apps, Utility

@TryVoices Support the groups and causes you care about. Voices is partnering with advocacy groups to change the way group members participate in the policy process. Enabling people to call, tweet, or email their elected officials together in a coordinated action is a far more effective way to lobby government. If you or someone you know belongs to an advocacy group that would like to amplify their message, please reach out to us using the button below. We are inspired by the 2012 protests against SOPA/PIPA, and want to enable …

Pizza Time

Lisa Game, Student Apps

New York City is home of the Pizza Slice. Pizza Time NYC locates your closest $1 Pizza Places, while offering fun visuals, sounds and experiences. Come get a slice while enjoying the best Pizza gifs. Don’t forget to turn your sound on for some good laughs. Published on: Apple App Store

JW myBiz

Lisa Commerce, Student Apps, Utility

JW myBiz is an easy to use m-commerce app. You browse our products, you order and see details, add to your shopping cart, checkout and pay by iPhone with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Designed for use in iPhone 5 or later models running iOS 7.x.x ONLY. Older iPhone models may experience slow and/or truncated screens shots. Published on: Apple App Store