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Doodle Mouse Chase – A Crazy Fun Smasher Game

The mice are everywhere! It’s now up to YOU to have lots of fun and stop them!

There’s a lot of mice out there and they want your cheese. Delicious cheese that fell on the floor. As the cat of the house, your job is to take control and get those mice!

There’s plenty of rodents for your cat paws to smash, but don’t hit those extremely cute kittens…. otherwise it’s game over…


*Fast-paced action gets intense!
*Race to the top of Gamecenter Leaderboards!
*Level up your rank from house kitten to tiger to lion! LION!
*Unlock more wily mice throughout the game
*Kids mode for easier gameplay
*Cute animals were not harmed in playing this game


App: Doodle Mouse Chase – A Crazy Fun Smasher Game

Author: Andranik Karapetyan of Mighty Blue Tree LLC
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Program: iOS Full-Time 

Published on: Apple App Store