Women in iOS: A Firebase Database Workshop

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There’s always a TurnToTech graduate out there that’s putting their knowledge and skills yet again to good use in technology and mobile app development — not to mention buzz and energy for causes that make a difference in our world.

firebase1firebase2Meet Julianne Goyena, one of our alumna, who recently teamed up with iOSoho, New York City’s largest iOS Engineer Meetup, to lead a Firebase workshop at TurnToTech. The event focused on demonstrating how easy it is to implement Firebase in iOS apps and actually brought forth a great deal of educational value, focus and support for developers underrepresented in the iOS community: women (trans and cis), trans men, and genderqueer folks who are iOS developers.

The ultimate goal of the Meetup and of iOSoho’s mission is to come together for the knowledge exchange, support, networking, and advancement for women iOS developers in New York City.

Speaking of great work in our community, Julianna’s portfolio of work says it all– Having completed the full-time iOS app development bootcamp at TurnToTech, Julianne is currently building a tvOS app for IROKO Partners, a global African entertainment company located in Times Square. She also heads the Twitter Dev Community here in NYC and will be adding Firebase to one of her already existing projects, Meet Geek, which won the $1000 prize at the ladies SeatGeek hackathon.

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We’re confident this is not the last we’ll be hearing about Julianne– or any of our other talented and accomplished TurnToTech alumnae for that matter. Check out some of our other students’ work and why not check out the app, Filipino Proverbs, Julianne built thanks to her hard work, dedication and time well-invested at TurnToTech!