iOS Bootcamp

Part-Time 8-Weeks

What you will learn

This is one of the best iOS coding classes for beginners, product managers, designers, those exploring software development, and developers looking to start iPad app development training. This course covers the fundamentals of the Swift programming language and iOS app development with an interactive, project-based curriculum. Students will be introduced to the some of the most popular features and frameworks of iOS development. Students will create small apps each week that demonstrate core iOS concepts. Students will also work on a more complex ongoing final project. Students who complete all the coursework, homework and final project will leave with a portfolio of more than 10 small apps and a final project. At the completion of the iOS development course, you will have developed a strong skill set with a focus on:

  • OS architecture
  • Fundamentals of UI/UX design on iOS (animation, user interaction, buttons, tabs, maps, etc.)
  • Data: Storing data in the cloud using Firebase as well as on the mobile device using Core Data.
  • Interacting with web services and APIs such as social networks and review sites
  • Creating your own web services using Firebase
  • Using iOS device features like camera and GPS
  • Relatively advanced topics such as security, app performance, asynchronous programming, design patterns, and testing
8 Week Curriculum in brief
Fundamental Programming Skills
  • Emphasis on fundamentals and consistency
  • Tooling essentials: XCode, LLVM
Build a small but complete mobile application with a cloud backend
  • Major iOS Classes for app dev
  • The delegation pattern in iOS
  • HTTP and JSON for device-cloud communication
  • End to end debugging techniques (iOS, network, Backend, Memory)
  • The goal of this project is to learn about Interface builder, Geolocation, Async network connections, JSON Swift conversions and validation
UI and Essential Classes for iOS
  • Collections
  • NSURLSession
  • Delegate pattern in various contexts
  • NavController with Network connectivity and Object-Oriented design
  • Goal: Learn about the following:
    • The Navigation controller hierarchy
    • View lifecycle- viewDidLoad, viewDidAppear
    • UITableView – delete, selections, best data structure for UITableView and reloading of Data
    • Robust Async Network calls
    • Object-oriented design and abstraction of the data layer and view layer
Data Persistence
  • Options for persisting data on device
  • Core Data persistence framework
More iOS Essentials
  • WKWebView – back and forth communication with native code
  • Maps
  • UIImagePickerController for camera
  • Social framework for Facebook posts and Twitter tweets
  • Animation essentials
  • Small projects involving all of the above

At the end of the course, we want you to be able to program fluently in Swift.

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