Part-Time 8-Week iOS Bootcamp

Learn to program fluently in Swift. You will use the iOS tools with confidence and build fully functional iOS apps.

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iOS Bootcamp

Immersive 8-Weeks


We’ll start you off by teaching you programming fundamentals through a series of challenging practice problems. Then we’ll help you gain an in-
depth understanding of object-oriented programming. Once you have a strong grasp of these important topics, you will move on to developing
apps. At the completion of the course, you will have developed a strong skill set with a focus on:

  • OS architecture
  • Computer Science fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of UI/UX design on iOS (animation, user interaction, buttons, tabs, maps, etc.)
  • Data: Storing data in the cloud using AWS as well as on the mobile device using SQLite.
  • Interacting with web services and APIs such as social networks and review sites
  • creating your own web services using AWS
  • Using iOS device features like camera and GPS
  • Relatively advanced topics such as security, app performance, asynchronous programming, design patterns, and testing

Fundamental Programming Skills
  • Emphasis on fundamentals and consistency
  • Tooling essentials: XCode, LLVM

Build a small but complete mobile application with a cloud backend
  • Major iOS Classes for app dev
  • The delegation pattern in iOS
  • HTTP and JSON for device-cloud communication
  • End to end debugging techniques (iOS, network, Backend, Memory)
  • The goal of this project is to learn about Interface builder, Geolocation, Async network connections, JSON Swift conversions and validation

UI and Essential Classes for iOS
  • Collections
  • NSURLSession
  • Delegate pattern in various contexts
  • NavController with Network connectivity and Object-Oriented design
  • Goal: Learn about the following:
    • The Navigation controller hierarchy
    • View lifecycle- viewDidLoad, viewDidAppear
    • UITableView – delete, selections, best data structure for UITableView and reloading of Data
    • Robust Async Network calls
    • Object-oriented design and abstraction of the data layer and view layer

Data Persistence
  • Options for persisting data on device
  • Core Data persistence framework

More iOS Essentials
  • WKWebView – back and forth communication with native code
  • Maps
  • UIImagePickerController for camera
  • Social framework for Facebook posts and Twitter tweets
  • Animation essentials
  • Small projects involving all of the above

At the end of the course, we want you to be able to program fluently in Swift.

Become a productive iOS developer today!