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Q 1. Should I be learning web development or mobile development?

A. Both technologies are here to stay for the foreseeable. So choose whatever you are more excited about.

Q 2. Is 12 weeks enough time ?

A. Our recommended time commitment is 80hrs/wk. In 12 weeks, that’s nearly 1000 hours. Now what did Gladwell say about 10,000 hours? This is 10% of that! And if you need a little refresher on the basics, we give you 4 additional weeks at no cost.

Q 3. Prerequisites ?

A. Make sure you find technology really interesting. Beyond that, a little exposure to some scripting language or JavaScript or any high school or college programming course is helpful. But we don’t assume any prior knowledge of programming –  we start from the very basics. If you can pay attention to details and you’re disciplined – you’re good to go.

Q 4. When does enrollment begin? What if I missed the start date?

Every month, a new batch starts. Which means at any time, we may have 3 batches, one that just started, another that’s about to graduate and one that’s half-way through.

Q 5. Internship – how does that work?

We are the only program in town that offers a 6 week internship. Our founder’s strong belief is that only a real project will give you real world skills. And that’s why we have made internship a central theme of our program. We provide 6 weeks of rigorous training followed by 6 weeks of internship on a real project. You’ll end up having played a real role in a real app! It’s as simple as that.

Q 6. Can you also help me find a job?

TurnToTech cannot guarantee you a job. But if you spend your 12 weeks with us wisely and diligently, we believe your skills will be in high demand. We also help you build your network. Technology entrepreneurs and freelancers constantly use our co-working space and we host technology events at our office.

Q 7. How much does it cost? Do you provide financial aid?

A. The cost is $10,000 for for both iOS and Ruby on Rails bootcamps. The Swift part time course costs $3,000. Financial aid is available to exceptional applicants with prior software development experience.

Q 8. What are the hours? Where is the campus?

We are located in Silicon Alley – on the corner of 5th Avenue and 23rd. Next to Madison Square park. More precisely — 184 5th Avenue.

And we work regular office hours (i.e. regular tech company hours!) – so start around 10:30 am and finish when it’s getting too late.

Q 9. I have a job during the day? Are you flexible with your schedule?

Totally depends on your situation. Come and talk to us and most likely we’ll figure out something.

Q 10. What all does your program cover? iOS ? Amazon cloud?

Yes, we cover iOS development in Objective-C and development of Amazon based cloud services using Java.

These two skill-sets alone will set you up for life ( almost !)

Q 11. I heard you need a Mac to develop for iOS? I don’t have one.

You heard that right. But we have enough Macs in our office. You don’t need to buy one if you don’t want to.

Q 12. What about Android?

A. Great question! It’s a great platform and we can’t wait to offer an Android program. If enough of you ask for it, we’ll certainly start an Android program.

Q 13. How is this program different from other places?

A. Our emphasis is on completeness of your understanding of software engineering, not on specific languages. You need to know how software is developed, not just how programs are written. And that again goes back to our founder’s philosophy – unless you work on a real project, you don’t acquire the skills you needed for building real products.

More specifically, here you will understand the full software development lifecycle and how systems are designed. You’ll understand software security. You’ll understand system performance. You’ll understand infrastructure. You’ll understand data modeling. In other words – you’ll get to learn what is needed to do a real software engineer’s job.

Q 14. Since there is an internship – do I get to work with professional developers on real products?

A. Absolutely. We have experts who are masters in their fields, typically with 10+ years of experience and a deep interest in technology. Specifically, our founder is a well regarded technology expert and has held very senior technology positions in well known companies in addition to being a successful entrepreneur. You can read more about him here.

Take a look at two of our ongoing projects to get an idea of the kind of work that we’ve been doing during the internship. These projects were developed during the internship but we can assure you that even seasoned iOS developers will find themselves challenged – just ask your iOS developer friend …




Q 15. I want to check out the campus. What do I do?

Just email us at nyc [AT] and we will set up a time for you to come in to our office and discuss things in detail. We conduct information sessions at least twice a week. We are quite informal so if you want, you can just walk over to TurnToTech, 184 5th Avenue, NY, 10010 anytime between 10AM and 6:30PM.

Q 16. I’d like to join your program? How do I go about it?

A. We believe in great service and you’ll always get to speak to someone real at our office. So come visit us. We’ll work out the schedule, course details, curriculum, internship details etc. and get you started. If you need any prep work before the course, we’ll advise you on that as well.  Our address again is TurnToTech, 184 5th Avenue, NY, 10010 or email us at nyc [AT] or call us at 212-924-TECH.