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iOS using Swift (Evening hours)




Learn iOS Development using Swift – go from beginner to pro in just a few months!


How much: $3000

Duration: 8 weeks, 3 hours/class meeting twice a week

Where: TurnToTech, 184 5th Avenue, 4th Floor

When: March 24 – May 26 ( 8 weeks, 16 classes of hands-on work and one-on-one attention)

Goals of the course At the end of the course, we want you to be able to program fluently in Swift, use the iOS tools with confidence and build fully functional iOS apps of almost any complexity. For example, as part of our course, we will be building a camera app which supports filters, GPS, sharing over Facebook and storage of photos on Amazon S3 cloud – which is very similar in its features to the Instagram app.


Our instructors are highly qualified mobile developers with deep expertise in iOS, Android and Web and have over a decade of software experience. You can not only learn programming from them but also get career advice, ask for their insight into apps you may be working. The curriculum has been designed by Aditya Narayan, TurnToTech’s co-founder. The course will be taught by him, Oren Goldberg and our master developer Kaushik Biswas.

Class Size We believe in a high teacher-student ratio and tend to keep class sizes small. At most we will have 7 students in the class.

Timings 6:30 PM-8:30 PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Online access 24×7 to all course materials.

Class Format  Students will be provided with a login to our online Learning Management System called justcode. This system has videos, reading materials, quizzes and assignments.

  • All iOS tooling (compilers, IDE, build system) is pre-installed on our cloud and accessed through justcode
  • At class times, our instructors will present the materials to be covered during the week and explain the assignment. Students are then expected to work hands-on. Q&A is encouraged throughout the session.
  •   This ensures that every student is able to move at their own pace and can move as fast or as slow as they wish within the recommended guidelines.
  •  The justcode system also tracks your progress in detail.
  • In addition, during the 5 days of the week that you do not have class, you still have access to live help through the justcode platform during business hours

Curriculum and Weekly Plan

Week 1 (Classes 1 & 2) The Swift Programming Language


  • The iOS development ecosystem – XCode, Swift, Objective-C, OS X, iOS
  • The Swift Programming Language
  • Control flow
  • Data types
  • Functions and Closures
  • Classes and Objects
  • Memory Management using ARC
  • Assignments 1 and 2

Week 2 (Classes 3 & 4) Advanced Concepts in Swift


  • More on closures
  • The Swift Standard Library
  • Collections
  • Algorithms
  • Modules
  • Linking Objective-C and Swift
  • Assignments 3 and 4

Week 3 (Classes 5 & 6) Memory Management and Profiling


  • More on Classes and Objects
  • Memory management
  • Profiling and optimizing code
  • XCode and XCode Instruments
  • Assignments 5 and 6

Week 4 (Classes 7 & 8) Introduction to iOS development


  • iOS Development fundamentals
  • Essential ideas – MVC, Asynchronous programming, JSON and HTTP
  • A complete Geolocation based iOS app with a backend running on Amazon EC2
  • Assignments 7 and 8

Week 5 (Classes 9 & 10) More on Views and View Controllers


  • Table Views and Collection Views
  • The Navigation Stack
  • Apps with tabs
  • MVC in practice
  • Cleanly separating data from your views and controllers
  • Assignments 9 and 10

Week 6 (Classes 11 & 12) Data Persistence


  • Data persistence strategy for mobile
  • iOS specific, local storage using Core-Data
  • iOS specific, local storage using Object archiving
  • iOS independent, local storage using SQLite
  • iOS independent, remote storage using a database on the cloud
  • App upgrades and locally stored data
  • Assignments 11 and 12

Week 7 (Classes 13 & 14) Pre-built iOS Frameworks


  • Maps
  • Social Framework – Facebook and Twitter
  • Camera
  • Building a custom iOS 8 keyboard
  • Assignments 13 and 14

Week 8 (Classes 15 & 16) Advanced Topics


  • Header files and modules
  • Mixing Object-C and Swift
  • Method swizzling
  • Overview of LLVM and compiler technology
  • Going deep into an iOS app – Security, sandbox architecture, storing credentials inside iOS apps

Other benefits of taking a course at TurnToTech

Once you sign up for any of our courses, you are free to use our co-working space, interact with our engineers and students. You can learn how they’re getting their jobs, how they’re raising money for their ventures, how they’re preparing for interviews and so on …  In addition, you could probably easily pitch your startup ideas to Aditya. We also partner with various employers and can get you connected in many ways and expand your network. And you’ll get invited to all our internal events!

More details

Please email us at or just visit us anytime at 184 5th Av, 4th Fl, NY, 10010 ( opposite Flatiron bldg).