Offering financial solutions so you can take an iOS or Android course!

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If you want to take one of our full-time courses at TurnToTech

but money is an issue that’s holding you back…

Skills Fund is here to help!
Skills Fund is a lending company that has partnered with TurnToTech to help students pay for tuition and cost of living while taking the course.
Skills Fund is a company dedicated to lending only to bootcamp students
They believe that students will benefit from having access to high-quality skills education and have developed options for financing solutions. According to their mission, they “pull upon extensive expertise to create a financing platform that is transparent, fast and offers students financial flexibility.”

TurnToTech encourages any person who wants to take a class but needs a little monetary help to check out Skills Fund. They believe that everyone should have the ability to better themselves and their future, and an education at TurnToTech would be a valuable and worthwile investment. Check it out!