Alumni Spotlight: Adam Kornfield

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322x559Meet Adam Kornfield, TurnToTech alumnus and the CTO/Co-founder of Baron Fig, a notebook company with products and accessories offered in a variety of styles, colors, and enhancements that would suit every creative type out there— (doodler, writer, stationery lover— they’ve got something for everyone.

Adam and his team started out in 2013 and have since continued expanding in both print and digital. They wanted to provide the community with the same experience of productivity and creativity and have succeeded with the creation of their mobile apps, the Mosaic and Spark.

Adam’s story is impressive and inspiring. He helped bring Baron Fig’s products into the digital realm by learning how mobile app development was done and investing in that goal. He chose to attend TurnToTech’s mobile development bootcamp in NYC, where he spent 3.5 days a week for 4.5 months learning the tech skills needed to build a mobile app for Baron Fig.

The result? A success story! Their line of beautiful products is a true reflection of Adam’s passion and worthwhile investment overall.

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