Last Roll

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Last Roll – Toilet Paper On-Demand

Uh oh! Down to your last roll of toilet paper? Sit tight – we’ve got you covered.

Say goodbye to stockpiling toilet paper and last minute trips to the convenience store. Simply place an order when you’re reaching your last roll, and get toilet paper delivered when you need it. Check out with Amazon Prime, which means NO SIGN-UP and FREE 2 day shipping.

Here’s what you’ll love:
SAVE TIME & MONEY: No need to make another trip to the store – place an order directly from your phone. Comparing prices is easy, so you can save a butt-load.
EASY REORDER: Streamlined shopping experience, easily reorder the last item purchased.
FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING: Checkout with Amazon Prime, which means NO SIGN-UP and FREE 2-day shipping!

* An Amazon login is required to check out, and Amazon Prime to take advantage of free 2-day shipping. (Non-Amazon members can browse)

Author: Alexandra Lynch. View more by this developer.
Program: iOS Full-Time

Published on: Apple App Store

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