2016 Presidential Election

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2016 Presidential Election

“A must have for every American in 2016!”

* Keep up to date on the 2016 Presidential Election Race
* Get all the important information in one place, without any of the extra noise
* We select the most relevant news from a variety of top sources to give you the most unbiased, representative view of the 2016 elections
* Never be out of the loop of what’s happening in the election
* Candidate profiles will keep you informed on the views of all major candidates
* Hilarious campaign funnies on our Laughs and Gaffes feed
* Receive push notifications to keep you up to date on the most important happenings in the race to the White House

Disclaimer: The 2016 Presidential Election App provides information about the Presidential race from a variety of news sources that are available to the public. We work to provide a fair and representative portrayal of the Presidential race by selecting articles from a wide range of sources. We do not endorse any particular candidate or political party, and simply work to present the best information in a useful and entertaining way for our users. The content does not represent the opinions of the app developers and we will not be held responsible for any views or positions presented in the content of our app.

App: 2016 Presidential Election App

Author: Krishna Ramachandran
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