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Come hang with us, all the developers are doing it!

Innovating daily from 10am-6:30pm


Have coding block? Need some inspiration? Cant stop streaming episodes of Breaking Bad so that you can finish writing that app? Come hang out with us in our tech lounge and get your program on! We’ve got free wi-fi, free coffee and a lounge full of other like minded individuals, all in the heart of Silicon Alley. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your future business partner.

We offer a unique collaborative accelerator / incubator environment. Our campus is a highly engaging environment where our budding software engineers are busy creating the next big app. While you’re here you can chat with one of our too hip for their own good staff members about your brilliant app idea or our iOS development course. If your idea is cool enough maybe, just maybe, we’ll consider taking it on and developing it for you free of cost. Now that’s a sweet deal!