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Ruby on Rails Bootcamp




If you are a BEGINNER and looking to take a Web Development with Ruby on Rails Bootcamp,  we have developed a 16 week program just for you!  These extra 4 weeks will allow to you complete all of the necessary prep and thus lead to an easy transition into a Web Development with Ruby on Rails course. There is NO extra cost for these extra 4 weeks. Click here to review the Ruby prep material.

Turn To Tech is now accepting applications!

We’re the only bootcamp where the curriculum is based on building real world products for real world companies
– in most cases, companies we’ve invested in. You will actually help make a real product that is going to
be released to the market. It’s going to feel like a startup, and when all those interview requests start
coming in, you’ll be ready to talk the talk and show off all the awesome work you’ve been up to.

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Why we are different

Turn To Tech’s 12 week program is quite different from any other bootcamp you may have heard of. Why? That comes from who runs it. Unlike most bootcamp companies, Turn To Tech was founded by seasoned technology entrepreneurs and executives from Fortune 500 companies who have built successful companies, launched successful products and hired (.. and fired) hundreds of developers over the past 15 years. And they know the difference between programmers vs. productive software engineers.

Think about why work experience counts a lot when you apply for a job. That’s because real work experience teaches you things you never learn from a book. But despite that –  most other bootcamps focus on the same book/lecture style of teaching.

We cover things you’ll only learn on a job. For example, you have a complex project – how do you split the work between two developers with different skills? Or how do you go about debugging large pieces of software written by multiple individuals, written in different languages, who may or may not be around.

There probably are a hundred other such things we cover – to learn more about us – send us an email at, schedule a time and come in and check it out for yourself. You’ll talk to the current students and meet our founders.

Collaborate with professionals

The Turn To Tech team has several professional software engineers who will interact with on a daily basis. Our course instructors are software engineers with industry experience. Technology entrepreneurs work out of our co-working space. And we host at least a couple of tech events every week. All this will help you advance yourself professionally and expand your horizons and network.

12 Week Curriculum in brief

Week 1: Fundamental Programming Skills

  • 25 elementary but challenging programming problems in Ruby
  • Emphasis on fundamentals and consistency
  • Classes & Objects, Arrays & Dictionaries, Numerical Calculations
  • Testing with rspec

Week 2: Advanced Topics

  • Recursion
  • Sorting
  • Doubly Linked Lists
  • Git

Week 3: Front End Web Development

  • Structuring a web page with HTML5
  • Adding color and style with CSS3
  • Adding dynamic front-end features with Javascript
  • More JavaScript with jQuery

Week 4: Data Persistence, Sinatra, and Front End Templating Alternatives

  • Relational database design and the concept of normalization
  • Database operations using SQL
  • Simple web apps using Sinatra
  • Advanced CSS using SASS
  • HTML templates using slim

Week 5: More Sinatra & Beginning with Rails

  • Creating forms with Sinatra
  • Creating an API with Sinatra
  • Rails
    • Scaffolding to quickly generate a proof of concept
    • Create a simple blog application

Week 6: Rails

  • Sending emails automatically
  • Handling image file uploads and integrating with Amazon S3
  • User registration and login
  • Understanding how ActiveRecord works to simplify database interaction
  • Utilizing the Asset Pipeline to optimize the way images and other assets get compiled and served

Week 7: More Rails

  • Adding AJAX for a better user experience
  • Switching from SQLite to PostgreSQL for a more fully featured database
  • Authenticating with third party services like Facebook and Google with Omniauth
  • Getting data about a Facebook user to more deeply integrate Facebook into your application

Week 8: Deeper into Ruby, the Rails stack, and Testing

  • Search through and manipulate text with Regular Expressions
  • Using Rack: a minimal API for connecting web servers and web frameworks
  • Creating Nested Resources for more intuitive application structure
  • Running asynchronous background tasks with Delayed Job and Sidekiq
  • Dive Deeper into testing with Capybara, Cucumber, and MiniTest

Week 9: Build an Internet of Things Server with Ruby on Rails
Four Weeks of Internship

Our students are currently working on a stealth project for a stealth company….shhhhh….
It’s like Trulia, but in a new space.

Fee: $10,000

Duration: 12 Weeks