Funding your Program

TurnToTech Installment Plans

Students may pay for their programs in no-fee installments.


  • Best for self-funding

    This option is ideal for students who have access to funds from parents and prefer to break up the payments over the 16-week course.

  • No fees

    TurnToTech charges no fees for installment plans.

  • No Credit Check

    Students and parents will not go through credit checks

  • Process

    Let us know that you prefer to pay in installments when you sign up.

Student Financing

TurnToTech has partnered with Skills Fund to provide out-of-the-box financing options that level the playing field for all students.


  • Finance What You Need

    Skills Fund will finance from $2,000 to $17,000 for program tuition and cost of living.

  • Empowered Decisions

    Clear-cut, fixed interest rates of 8.99% and 10.99%, for 3- & 5-year loans. Calculate your monthly payment before applying.

  • Loan Details

    Skills Fund will run a credit check on the applicant. Apply on your own first, and add a cosigner only if needed.

  • Process

    Less than 10 minutes to complete the application. Receive a decision in minutes. Visit Skills Fund to get started.


TurnToTech has partnered with various groups and non-profits to provided discounted tuition.


  • Women who Code

    TurnToTech and Women who code have launched a $100,000 scholarship fund. Half and partial scholarships available.

  • Need Based

    Students with extrenuating circumstances are encouraged to contact us for more information.

  • Current Students

    Current College Students and recent grads may qualify for discounted tuition.

  • ReTurnToTech

    Developers and other IT professionals who have been away from technology for several years may qualify for discounted tuition.

Next steps

Contact for more information.