Kickstart Your High-Tech Career
Learn cyber security from the inside.

Learn more about our comprehensive, industry-based, intensive training programs for entry-level and advanced cyber security professional roles.




Pen Tester

IT Pro

Risk Mgmt


Kickstart Your Hi-Tech Career
Automation-proof your career in the growing field of Cyber Security.

Learn more about our comprehensive, industry-based, intensive training programs for entry-level and advanced cyber security professional roles.

Cyber Security Programs

TurnToTech’s students can gain the knowledge and expertise required for cyber professionals to enter a fast-growing job market. One that offers high-paying careers and fulfillment, giving you the knowledge that you are contributing to safety and security on a global scale.

Professional Penetration Tester

This 400-hour program’s curriculum includes six courses, extensive hands-on skill building, and guided product training.

  • Available in Immersive and Extended (Part-Time) Formats
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Gain Highly Sought After Skills
  • Low-Risk Sorting Selection Format
  • IT Professionals
  • Security Professionals

IT Pro with Python & Basic Cyber Security

A 400-hour program, the IT Professional Program has six courses total that help prepare students for a variety of professions.

  • Immersive and Extended Formats
  • Knowledge to Pass International Certification Exams
  • Skills for Virtualization Features, Networking Management and More
  • Low-Risk Sorting Selection Format
  • Beginners Welcome – No Experience Necessary
  • Anyone from any background who wishes to join the cybersecurity industry

Cyber Security
Risk Management

This 400-hour program includes a total of 10 courses, designed to help prepare you for mastering the art of risk management.

  • Immersive and Extended Formats
  • Guides You Through Common Risk Management Processes
  • Maximizes Students’ Ability to Lead Teams
  • Low-Risk Sorting Selection Format
  • IT Managers
  • Advanced IT Consultants
  • Risk Evaluation Employees



Pre-Training Course – The Acceptance Process

1. Consult With Us

Consult with an advisor to assess your suitability for the track, and your potential to integrate into the market.

2. Join the Pre-Training Course

Learn the fundamentals and determine your compatibility with the industry. Didn't pass? You'll receive a 75% refund on your pre-training tuition fee.

3. Confirm Your Fit

Success in the 40-hour pre-training course assures that those who advance will be able to launch a successful cyber security career once they graduate.

4. Accelerate Your Career

Pass the pre-training course and accelerate your career by advancing to the full course of studies. Complete your certification in 4 months (morning classes), or 12 months (evening classes) to launch your career.

Why Choose Us?

When you gain the knowledge and expertise of a cyber security professional, you will enter a fast-growing job market offering high-paying careers and fulfillment, and know that you are contributing to safety and security on a global scale.

  • Connector.

    TurnToTech Experience and HackerUSA Israeli Knowledge and Expertise

    TurnToTech has pioneered advanced IT training in New York City since 2013. HackerUSA brings 20+ years of experience from the leaders in global Cyber Security.

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    Career-Focused Programs

    Programs designed in partnership with leading technology companies to address current market needs.

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    Trusted By Leading Institutions

    TurnToTech is trusted by leading government, Fortune 500, and tech giants; and military organizations around the world rely on HackerUSA for cyber security training.

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    Hands-On Learning Experience

    Instructor-led courses include intensive lab work, simulation and hands-on practice. Students gain the confidence needed to succeed in their careers from day one.

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    Innovative Pre-Training Course

    To minimize the financial risk and opportunity cost of investing in a career that might not be a good fit, the Sorting or Pre-Training Course that precedes the full program determines whether students are on the right track.

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    Designed for Your Career

    Customized, flexible programs designed for beginners to enter cybersecurity, and for experienced professionals to advance their careers. Intensive, full-time programs open doors to career paths in just a few months. And part-time advanced programs enable experienced professionals to upgrade their careers with only a few hours a week, for less than a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

With TurnToTech’s local network and HackerUSA’s international experience, students will be fully prepared to fill some of the

Over 1,000,000 unfilled cyber security positions

TurnToTech has pioneered Tech Education in New York City since 2013. HackerUSA is the US arm of the HackerU Group, which has been providing professional cyber security services and training to leading corporate, government, and military organizations worldwide for over 20 years. Together, TurnToTech and HackerUSA offer comprehensive programs that provide practical and hands-on experience to help prepare students for the high-tech industry’s current market needs.
Since its inception, TurnToTech has pushed the boundaries of tech education by offering a personalized experience in a bootcamp structure. Before launching our Cyber Security partnership, we researched programs in the US and abroad. We did the math to develop programs that save students time and money over comparable offerings. We checked references and read reviews. We modeled ROI for entry-level and advanced programs and compared them to traditional career paths to cyber security. TurnToTech powered by HackerUSA’s brings together innovative lab- and simulation supported programs, a delivery model with over 20 years of proven success in global cyber security, and an intensive, ambitious curriculum that shortens career transitions from 3-5 years to just a few months. HackerUSA’s model aligns with TurnToTech’s commitment to provide hands-on, practical experience that differentiate our students when they enter the workforce and allows our graduates to quickly advance in their new careers.
The sorting stage or pre-training course is a kind of screening process for both the student and the school. Our Cyber Security programs are the first step to new careers in a field that demands the highest professional standards. Cyber Security professionals hold the keys to companies’ most important digital resources. Suitability for the industry goes beyond educational background, previous knowledge, or any certification to personal characteristics that inspire trust, ability to manage stress and critical situations, ethics and more. Thus, HackerUSA’s unique approach is first to identify a student’s potential to process real-life, case-specific challenges requiring problem solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking. Only after a review by an official committee that carefully considers the instructor’s observations and students’ performance in class and on exams, will qualified students advance to the extended course, benefiting from a holistic curriculum that truly prepares them for a smooth transition into the Cyber industry’s demanding workforce.

Just as we select our candidates carefully, students should consider their own needs in selecting your program track and lecturers. During the sorting stage, students will meet lecturers and will have direct access to and interaction with course materials, curriculum, classmates and the classroom setting. If a student finds that the program or track they have tried does not meet their needs, or alternatively, if they have do not pass the pre-screening process, they may be entitled to up-to a 75% refund. The pre-screening process is an opportunity for students to learn the first module of the program they choose, and experience the challenges and opportunities available to students at TurnToTech powered by HackerUSA, without great financial risk or time commitment. At the end of the sorting stage, students who advance to the extended stage do so confident in their ability to succeed in the Cyber Security field. Students who do not advance take away exposure to a new field, 40-hours worth of training worth much more than the $1,000 sorting stage fee, and may also be eligible for a $750 refund.

Just as we select our candidates carefully, so too should you consider your own needs in selecting your program track and lecturers. During the pre-training course, your will meet our lecturers and will have direct access to and interaction with course materials, curriculum, classmates and the classroom setting. Should you feel that the program or track you have tried does not meet your needs, or alternatively, if you have do not pass our pre-screening process, you are entitled to a 75% refund. The pre-screening process is an opportunity for you to live the student experience at HackerUSA, without risking funds. Both sides benefit from a win-win situation.

You can, but without verification of extensive hands-on training, HR won’t be as interested in your resume / CV. While certification exams attest to your theoretical knowledge, a HackerUSA certification evidences your practical experience that equips you with the skills to cope with real-time workplace challenges in today’s competitive market. It’s the combination of these certificates that makes you valuable on the job market.

As one of the only schools offering full-time, intensive programs in Mobile Development and Cyber Security, we understand that successful students are capable of learning many of the skills we teach on their own through the internet. In fact, most of TurnToTech’s students have tried to learn on their own before coming to us. Enrolling in a Cyber Security program at TurnToTech provides verification of learning through extensive hands-on training, an efficient, intensive timeline for career growth, and access to a global network of cyber security professionals. Hiring companies may value a certification on a resume but studying for the certification alone will not provide the practical experience that will be essential to their success on the job, and will not provide the advantage of the comprehensive programs that go beyond the vulnerability addressed by a single certification to tackle cyber security from a multi-system perspective.

Courses will be held at TurnToTech at 40 Rector Street in Manhattan. TurnToTech may use an alternate location to accommodate experiential lab work and simulations.
The answer varies. It’s not possible to answer this question with a concrete answer, as the funds allocated for an employee’s salary are based on a spectrum of set of parameters, such as your line of work and your precise role, supply and demand, location, and your professional experience.

The answer also varies depending on the student’s ability, experience, program of study, demand for candidates, and negotiating prowess. We recommend referencing a salary grid/chart that may provide more details specific to profession(s) or fields in the industry and desired job location. It is worth noting that employee salaries in the high-tech sector are significantly higher than those of employees of a similar seniority status within other industries. Also, a variety of professions and roles in the high-tech industry offer early opportunities for promotion and advancement, particularly when compared to professions/roles in other industries in the overall employment market. Employees with a variety of managerial skills and abilities can benefit from excellent work conditions, terms of employment, and vast professional development in their field.

An additional note on the cyber security career track is that it is one of the few fields that are expected to grow as other fields become automated and those career opportunities shrink. Companies’ increased reliance on robots and technology to replace human workers will lead to greater vulnerability to cyber security threats, and higher demand for cyber security professionals.

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