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Pre-Training Selection Courses Starts Octoer 16th, 2017


This Program is Best for…

Professional Penetration Tester

Our Professional Penetration Tester program is your direct path to a cybersecurity career. This 400-hour program’s curriculum includes six courses, extensive hands-on skill building, and guided product training. The Cybersecurity Professional Penetration Tester students graduate with the sought after knowledge and tradecraft for immediate employment as tier 1+ security engineers, analysts, pen testers and consultants.


  • Available in Immersive and Extended (Part-Time) Formats
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Gain Highly Sought After Skills
  • Low-Risk Pre-training Selection Period

IT Pro with Python & Basic Cyber Security

The IT Professional Program is the perfect place to gain the foundation for an array of IT security skills and technologies. A 400-hour program, the IT Professional Program has six courses total that help prepare students for a variety of professions.
By the end of this program, students will graduate with the knowledge required to successfully pass international certification exams and that which can help secure a cybersecurity career.


  • Immersive and Extended Formats
  • Knowledge to Pass International Certification Exams
  • Skills for Virtualization Features, Networking Management and More
  • Beginners Welcome – No experience necessary
  • Low-Risk Pre-Training Selection Period


This Class is Best for…

  • Anyone from any background who wishes to join the cybersecurity industry

This Class is Best for…

  • IT Managers
  • CIO & CISO
  • Advanced IT Consultants
  • Risk Evaluation Employees

Cyber Security
Risk Management

Becoming a brilliant Cybersecurity Risk Manager is a sure-fire way to head down the ever-changing path of Cybersecurity and be successful. Following 3 main channels of analysis, assessment and mitigation, this 400-hour program has a total of 10 courses total to prepare you for the world of Cybersecurity.
This program will leave you with extensive real-case studying to master the art of risk management in the world and make you an undoubtedly sought after candidate in the job market.


  • Available in Immersive and Extended Formats
  • Guides through the Risk Management Processes
  • Maximizes Student’s Ability to Lead Teams
  • Low-Risk Pre-Training Selection Period
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The Next Big Thing

The Cyber Security industry is experiencing a critical workforce shortage. Companies are seeking entry-level IT Professional and Advanced Risk Managers and Professional Penetration Testers, to fill the gaps in their teams. With the unemployment rate for qualified Cyber Security professionals near zero, Cyber Security Professionals entering the job market today are poised to benefit from continued career growth as new Cyber Security career paths emerge,
Will you be leading the charge or watching from the sidelines?

$250 Low-Risk Pre-Training Selection Format

The first 40 hours of every program give candidates a low-risk way to experience our programs.
Try the first 40 hours for $1,000.
If you don't qualify or don't like it, you get $750 back.

Technical Ability + Professional Fitness

Our instructors will evaluate students for Technical Ability and Professional Fitness during during the 40-hour pre-training selection period.

Qualified students move on to the extended course.
Students who exit at this stage for any reason will be refunded tuition paid minus a $250 processing fee.

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Professional Development for Today’s Careers

Leading Cyber Security professionals come from a a wide range of career paths.
Our immersive training program was developed to meet the growing demand for skilled workers in entry-level and advanced technical roles.

Intensive Pre-Training. A 40-hour, Low-risk Trial Opportunity.
The 40-hour, pre-training selection process that is integral to our programs ensures that our students are both technically capable and professional fit for the Cyber security jobs they seek. Students who do not qualify for the extended program, and students who qualify but choose not to continue will be refunded 75% of the $1,000 fee.

Immersive, Intensive, Effective.

The 360-hour, extended programs provide comprehensive set of skills and knowledge through lecture and lab work to prepare students for success in a range of Cyber Security roles. Career and salary growth in Cyber Security ensure return on investment and continued career opportunity.

Colleges | Academic Degrees

  • Cost – $20,000+
  • Starting Salary – $45,000+
  • Time – ~4 Years

Immersive Training

  • $10,000-$20,000
  • Starting Salary – $60,000+
  • Time – 10-16 weeks Full-Time | 30-36 weeks Part-Time
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Which Program is for Me?

IT Professional with Python & Basic Cyber Security

The program for open to students with no experience in IT with Python and Basic Cyber Security as well as a variety of foundational IT security skill teachings to prepare you to join into the world of Cyber Security.

  • 400 Hours
  • 50% Lecture / 50% Lab
  • 6 Modules
  • Full-Time 10-16 Weeks
  • Part-Time 30-50 Weeks

Professional Penetration Testing

The direct path to a cybersecurity career that gives you the skills that companies need and that’ll give you the edge needed to secure employment as an Penetration Tester / Ethical Hacker.

  • 400 Hours
  • 50% Lecture / 50% Lab
  • 6 Modules
  • Part-Time 30-50 Weeks

Cyber Security Risk Management

The path that offers intensive hands-on training, real-case studies and does everything within its power to make sure that you have the ability to lead a team and master the risk management process.

  • 400 Hours
  • 50% Lecture / 50% Lab
  • 10 Modules
  • Part-Time 30-50 Weeks